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Tragedy: Wherein players take on the roles of Shakespearian characters who die in most spectacular and lamentable ways.

Tragedy is a roleplaying game where the players take on the roles of Shakespearian characters. As the game progresses they work together to create the most dramatic, spectacular, and gory deaths for their characters. The main draw of this game is the amusement of piling angst upon your poor character's head as you plot their demise in an increasingly elaborate web of intrigue.

Tragedy supports four to six players and does not require a game-master. The booklet includes three example playbills as well as information on how to create your own playbills.

Download Tragedy (about 30 MB)

Tragedy was written in 2008 for the Reversed Engineer challenge.

The character sheet for Tragedy was kindly provided by Shreyas Sampat.

If you were curious, this is the character sheet that I submitted to the challenge.