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A portrait of Rae, in OOTS style.
The picture is copyright 2007 Alan De Smet.

Rae is a young white dragon. She stands about four feet tall at the shoulder and weighs around 250 pounds of lean muscle. Like most white dragons she is a some what spiny, blueish white thing, imbued with wings that will only get more useless the older she gets. Unlike most white dragons, Rae does not get by in the world on brute force. She is extremely intelligent and though she's rather cranky at times she tends to talk first and sling magic about only after she has a good idea of what is going on. She almost never gets into physical fights.

The only belongings she carries with her are stored in her trusty backpack (which she wears between her wings). She always felt like every adventurer should have a backpack, and she knew she was going on and adventure when she first decided to leave home.

These notes are written from the point of view of Rae Denison. She actually keeps them in character in a journal on her person. Any errors in spelling or grammar in these notes can be attributed to the translation from her native tongue.

An archived copy of the official wiki for the Deus Ultionis game is here. You might want to take a look at it if you are confused about who, or what, some of the characters mentioned here are. It also contains background information for the setting and technology. I have tried to be intentionally vague about some of the technology and setting information, owing to the fact that Rae does not know nearly as much as she would like about that aspect of human civilization.