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This game has been "on hold" for several years. We meant to do one or two more sessions to wrap things up, but the group has scattered and it seems unlikely to happen. All the notes I have are up. Hopefully you'll enjoy what there is. :)

These session notes are from the point of view of the human phys-ad Lume. She originally hails from Amazonia, but most of her current adventures take place in Seattle.

Please keep in mind that I haven't been able to find any actual SR books detailing the climate and culture in Amazonia, so I'm mostly lying through my teeth based on the dumpshock page and a little bit of knowledge about modern day Brazil.

Lume generaly works with:

The team also has a large van inhabited by a technology spirit of some sort called Dezzy. He is not too bright and prone to agoraphobic attacks when it comes to any "open" area (such as a park or other large area with no buildings around). Dezzy speaks primarily Portuguese and has an annoying habbit of singing a "driving song" when he drives the team around. It's really annoying...

The campaign is being run by Aaron Pavao.

Sarah is also keeping a character journal from Chordae's point of view.