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Please note, this was written in 2005 or so and may not reflect how True Dungeon works anymore. I basically stopped playing in 2019, so I can't fact check it anymore.

At some point I got kind of sick of verbally repeating information about the different classes in TrueDungeon. Each of them has different requirements for real life skills and memory versus hand-eye-coordination. I made this lovely summary to point folks to. The notes on race and gender are the race and gender of the characters as of '05. I'm not sure if those will change. Either way, you do not need to match the gender of your character, since there is little to no roleplaying involved in the game. To be honest, I'm not sure why they bothered to give the characters things like names and genders.

The official TrueDungeon website has an official TrueDungeon Players Guide available for download if you want more details on a given class, spell, etc.

When I talk about puck sliding I am talking about the TrueDungeon combat mechanic. Essentially you will be sliding small white pucks which contain your weapon tokens across a white shuffleboard table which has a diagram of the monster you're fighting on it. The monster is divided into different numbered areas and the number your puck ends up on (after everyone in your party has finished attacking) is what you "rolled" for your attack. The GM will tell you if you hit or not.

These tables are very hard to get used to. You will have a small amount of time to practice at the beginning of the game, but most non-melee classes will need this time for practicing their own special skills. I've played a thief for three years and I've only begun to get the hang of actually hitting things on the tables (granted I am not the most dextrous person irl).

If you are interested in playing the thief I hope you're good at Operation, because that is similar to the game you'll be playing to disarm traps. Every trap is made up of two electrified plates and a metal rod. The plates are stacked on top of each other and the top plate has a path cut out of it so you can see the plate below. The grove is under lit by a very soft light. As the thief you have to take the metal rod, place the tip in one end of the grove touching the bottom plate and guide the rod through the whole grove, keeping it touching the bottom plate. For added fun, the rod can not touch the top plate as you pass thorough the grove or the trap is sprung. I've found that in general the hard part of this is seeing what you're doing. Don't feel bad if you have to stand there halfway through the trap and yell at your party to bring you the damn light source. I also found that it helped a lot to look at the grove from an angle where I could clearly see how far it was from the rod on both sides, this helped my depth perception in the dim light quite a bit. Rogues will get a short amount of time to practice with a trap before the adventure proper begins, don't squander it!

A quick note to players not playing the Rogue: The Rogue character has been repeatedly given the option to "screw the players" for valuable prizes in previous adventures. Pick a Rogue for your party who you think is trustworthy. Do not allow someone who you don't know well or don't trust to take this role! In previous years the GM's have been unwilling to allow the other players to take reprisals against the Rogue in-character, even if he/she is being a total ass and the other characters knew about it.

The Druid and Monk were added for Gencon '06. To be honest I have never played in a party with a Barbarian, Druid, or Monk, so I can't give you too much of an opinion on them. I looked at the memorization item required for the druid, and there are a brutal lot of leaf outlines you have to be able to match to the tree names. I don't know if these were all the leaves of actual trees, as I'm not a botanist. Unless you are good at botany or amorphous shape memorization I'd pass.

True Dungeon Classes:

  • Bard (Male, Chaotic Good)
    • memorize runes and lore
    • have spells
      • detect magic
      • read magic
      • ghost sound
      • mending
      • detect secret doors
      • feather fall
    • can use all kinds of scrolls
    • be willing to sing (in real life)
      (and I mean all the time)
    • Special Item: Masterwork Bard Instrument - gives bonus of +2 damage to all allied attacks while you are singing (very worthwhile!)
  • Cleric (Female, Lawful Good)
    • memorize prayer beads
    • have spells
      • cure minor wounds
      • cure light wounds
      • cure moderate wounds
      • detect poison
      • command
      • silence
      • turn undead
    • can use divine and "all" scrolls
    • Special Item: Masterwork Holy Symbol - gives +1 damage to successful turn undead
  • Barbarian (Male, Chaotic Good)
    • must be good at puck sliding
    • berserker rage (once per adventure)
      • +2 to hit, melee
      • +2 damage
    • very melee combat oriented
    • poor defense
  • Fighter (Male, Chaotic Good)
    • must be good at puck sliding
    • get power attack feat
      • three times per adventure
      • you must declare it at the beginning of a round
      • if you hit a 19 or 20, get extra damage, otherwise you miss totally
  • Paladin (Male, Lawful Good)
    • several holy abilities
      • lay on hands
      • can cast detect evil (three times per adventure)
      • smite (as power attack?) (once per adventure)
    • pretty good at fighting
    • can use "all" scrolls
    • must be at least okay at puck sliding
  • Ranger (Male, Lawful Good)
    • get a +1 against undead
    • can use "all" scrolls
    • must be good at double puck sliding
      (being ambidextrous in real life helps a lot)
  • Druid (Female, Neutral Good)
    • must memorize leaf shapes and tree names for magic
    • can use divine and "all" scrolls
    • have spells
      • cure minor wounds
      • cure light wounds
      • detect poison
      • detect magic
      • produce flame
      • bull's strength
      • flame blade
  • Monk (Male, Lawful Good)
    • can use "Furry of Blows" two handed attack
      (being ambidextrous in real life helps)
    • can use "Stunning Fist" once per adventure
      (if succeed in attack, monster stunned for one round)
    • get "Evasion", no damage from spell if pass reflex save
    • deflect missile weapon (once per combat round)
    • +2 to mental attack saves
  • Rogue (Male, Neutral Good)
    • get sneak attack
      • +10 damage
      • once per encounter/room
      • does not work on constructs + undead
    • can disarm traps
    • must have good manual dexterity irl
    • Special Item: Masterwork Thieves Tools - can retry a trap disarm after failing once per dungeon
  • Wizard (Male, Chaotic Good)
    • must memorize chart of the planes of existence for magic
    • have spells
      • detect magic
      • ray of frost (auto. damage)
      • read magic
      • erase
      • magic missile (auto. damage)
      • continual flame (get a light source; the GM's were a bit inconsistent about this in previous years, but have improved; you need to cast this at the beginning of the dungeon)
      • melf's acid arrow (must hit manually with a puck to do damage)
    • can use arcane and "all" scrolls
    • must be good at memorization