Singer Model 27 Treadle, "Phinx"

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This is not strictly a period scan, but machine dates to the 1890's, so it's definitely historic. ;)

I purchased my first treadle, "Phinx", off of Craig's List in 2008 for $125. It was a bit pricy given the condition of the cabinet, but the treadle mechanism and machine head are both in very good condition. They run freely and are relatively clean. It needed oiling and surface cleaning though, and the cabinet needs some serious love. Somebody used it as a plant stand and did not water responsibly. Fortunately none of the water seems to have gotten down to the metal parts.

I cleaned and oiled this treadle and then had to trouble shoot it's mechanism, because the previous owner tried to put a modern needle in it and it needs a longer one than that. I got it working eventually, but the needles are pricy. I sewed my wedding dress (a Victorian "natural form" gown) using this machine and several other costumes besides. It's lovely to use.