Brown Paisley Bustle Gown (c. 1883)

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This dress was originaly posted on Martini Consignment. They don't have the page up anymore. Obviously I don't own the copyright on these photos, so if you do and would rather I take them down, drop me an email and I will.

A lovely person from the Truely Victorian forums provided me with the original text from listing for this gown.

Description: This is an incredible dress from c.1883. The dress is in two contrasting fabrics; a brown silk taffeta and a gorgeous beige, black and green paisley silk brocade. The basque front is heavily boned and lined in a tan polished cotton Each seam is bound in red silk and a red satin twill tape circles the waist. The front body of the basque is in the brocade with a fold down collar and ivory embroidered lace over collar. Gorgeous floral brass buttons have green centers. 14 Buttons fasten down the center front with hand bound holes. Along the bottom of the basque, the hemline is slit in tabs, 6 on each side. Each tab is covered with a brown lace appliquŽ. some are embroidered in peach floss, others are backed in a coral faille. The basque has an attached over vestee in the brown silk with pleats falling from either side of the center front and across the bottom. The vestee meets at the center front bustline with a large rosette. Each petal is made from the two contrasting fabrics and the center is made of coral faille and the brocade, twisted together into a large knot. The entire back is in brown with a peplum that rests on the bustle. Two flaps in the brocade rest on the bustle. Long, 2pc, set in sleeves have slight curve and end in a turned back cuff. An inner sleeve in brocade peeks under the brown cuff with a lace ruffle around the wrist. A large brown and peach lace appliquŽ adorns the brocade cuff. The skirt is a work of art!

The underskirt is in the brown silk with box pleats along the right side and back of the skirt and knife pleats on the left extending from wide panel on the left side front. AppliquŽs of the embroidered lace and large buttons, matching the basque buttons, decorates this panel. An overskirt of the brocade extends from gathers below the brown panel and sweeps up to pleats at the right hip. A large rosette, matching the one on the basque adorns the right side of the skirt below the over skirt. On the left side, a smaller drape in brocade sweeps over the left hip. A wide, pleated overskirt falls from the back waistband and drapes over the bustle. The skirt has an attached petticoat in brown china silk and has one band of boning for structure.

Label: None, which I'm very surprised.

Condition: Fabulous condition. There is one tiny fabric flaw on the right bust. A stripe of fade on the right side hemline in the pleating.

Item number: #1476

Price: $1,395.00