Merry Christmas circa 1917

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Warm Christmas wishes circa 1917.

Courtesy Of: Eva Schiffer
Copyright 2008 Eva Schiffer

This card is postmarked DEC 24 130AM 1917. Sounds like someone was sending out their Christmas cards a bit late that year! :P

The postmark on ths card is especially awesome because it comes with a reminder that the "Great War" was still very much rocking the world. In lieu of any holiday message the post office has gone with the phrase:

win the war
don't waste it

The back of the card says:

All tunes and
Christmas Chimes
bring memories
of cousin George
and olden times
and it's addressed to:
Mr. George Leland
400 Highland Pl.

A larger version of the front

Large and small versions of the back of the postcard.

Special Bonus:
Because the marks on this postcard were driving me mad, here is a version that I hand restored (it was a pain in the butt!) and a version I ran through a blur that respects edges. I think it gave the picture a beautiful hand colored sort of look. :)