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Courtesy Of: Eva Schiffer
Copyright 2007 Eva Schiffer

This post card is postmarked Jun 20 930 AM 1914. The writing is in very small cramped writing. The author also didn't have a really good grasp of how an eraser works, since he or she left a lot of remnants of text and wrote over them. On the up side, he or she has pretty good handwriting if a rather tenuous grasp of punctuation.

The back of the card says:

ans Violet +
316 Sherwood St

Hello Violet how
are you getting
along Suppose
you are a big
girl by this time.
Dear Sister Laura
will send you
a card when I
get down town
again as this is
the last card I have
and it is addressed to:
Miss Violet M Young
Prairie du Chen

c/o Godfrey Chardine

A larger version of the front

Large and small versions of the back of the postcard.