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The original "TV110 – 1880 Late Victorian Corset" pattern can be found in the Truly Victorian catologue.

I've had some experience with corset-making using the Laughing Moon pattern, but I've never been entirely satisfied with it. When Truly Victorian came out with a corset pattern I had very high hopes... and TV110 lived up to all of them. It's an awesome pattern, with detailed fitting and sizing information, a full set of bust/waist/hip sizing options built in, and lovely 1/2" seam allowances (I love them so much...). On top of all that, the instructions include what I think is the best corset making method that I've ever used (and I've tried several over the years).

Really though, I think the proof is in the final product. I was able to size it to get the fit I wanted with the shape and comfort that I was hoping for. I still want to make a few small tweaks to the sizing for my body (most notably in the back, because I'm curvy in the back), but I'm very happy with what I've got!

I would wholeheartedly recommend this pattern to others. I'm looking forward to making it again in the future. :)