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The original "TV170 – Victorian Petticoats" pattern can be found in the Truly Victorian catologue.

I didn't get around to making a petticoat until the second time I set up to wear my black 1890's skirt. I wanted to use it later on in the year, so I actually made up the natrual form version of this pattern.

I have slightly mixed feelings about this pattern. It's a technically easy pattern, but the it has a lot of details that I don't really enjoy sewing. The gathering drives me crazy (not because there's anything wrong with the pattern... I just hate doing it) and the pin tucks brought out all my OCD tendencies (that was like four hours of pinning with a ruler in hand).

In the end the petticoat is beautiful, but I think I would skip the pin tucks. Next time around I'm going to make it out of a heavier fabric (probably a light twill) and I'm going to try adding horsehair braid around the seam just above the bottom flounce. I used cotton eyelet for the bottom flounce and I don't think I'll do that again. It matches the weight of the muslin but isn't nearly stiff enough to hold the skirt out. Next time I'm going to make the flounce as directed with the same fabric, which will mean I need to shorten the skirt panels considerably.

I would recommend this pattern to others. It would be a good starting project for someone who wants to get into making Victorian clothing but feels a bit intimitdated. There's a decent amount of work here, but none of it is complex or confusing.