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The original "TV291 – 1898 Walking Skirt" pattern can be found in the Truly Victorian catologue.

I wanted to make up this skirt in a dull black fabric in order to use it in my costume for An Evening in Monte Carlo. This skirt is a much later period than the game, but as I had to dress as a casino dealer I needed a black skirt that wouldn't require a bustle. I hadn't yet purchased the TV Natural Form skirt, so it was the 1898 walking skirt or hemming the heck out of something that was meant to be worn with a bustle (not something I wanted to deal with).

I was delighted with this pattern and I learned a rather important lesson about using synthetic fabrics. I've made things with synthetic fabrics before, but usually I've tried to avoid them. Unfortunately, for this project I couldn't find anything natural in a decent weight black. I ended up going with some black tencel and oh man did I pay for it. The fabric did it's best to slither and slide out of every seam. It took me three and half hours just to flatline all of it. I'm really glad that I did too, because otherwise the rest of the sewing would have been hellish.

The pattern itself was very easy, with only a few pieces and good directions about cutting and fitting. I was a little frustrated with hemming, since I'm only 5'2" (and the pattern is made for someone about 3" taller). I had to redraft all the facings because I was cutting so much off the hem. Sadly I think I'm going to have to do this for any skirt that finish with a facing like that. Other than that snag, everything else was easy. Time consuming, but easy.

My take away lesson from all this is that I will never again use synthetic fabric in a project if I can help it. If I have to lay out $14 a yard for light wool or silk, I will. I'm also going to try to plan enough time to do things right.

I'm also sold on making a muslin before cutting into expensive fabric. I got a good hem without wasting fabric and I ended up with a petticoat to wear.

Update: I have made this skirt for a second time, this time including the bottom facing. I took pictures of both versions of the skirt to include here. Keep in mind that they are made of different materials, so that may also affect the drape of the skirt. The burgundy in the new skirt is a light twill cotton and the light pink is a quilting weight cotton. The new skirt is flatlined with cotton broadcloth, except for the facing, which is flatlined with a light canvas I had laying around. The waist band of the new pink skirt does not yet have hooks and eyes in the photos, so it is just pinned in place. The comparison photos were taken with a flash, which washed out the colors but made the fitting details more obvious. Also, I was not wearing a petticoat for either set of pictures.