TV303 Review

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The original "TV303 – 1872 Side Drape Overskirt" pattern can be found in the Truly Victorian catologue.

This is my favorite Truly Victorian overskirt. I love the waterfall drapes on the back and the delicate side curves, almost like wings. This is technically an early bustle pattern, but I used it for a natural form outfit anyway.

This pattern went together very easily. It took me a little while to get the back pleats in and I fussed over the front apron pleats for a while, but after that the rest was cake. I actually lined the front section as well as the back so that it would hang with a similar drape. In retrospect I think I should have made the back tabs in the brown, because the green sort of blends into my underskirt.

This is an ideal pattern for any one who wants a lot of punch for a little work. It's a beautiful skirt and the fitting is very simple. I've seen people use it with a more modern cabaret bent and it worked out very well that way too. ;)