TV463 Review

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The original "TV463 – 1884 French Vest Bodice" pattern can be found in the Truly Victorian catologue.

I've wanted to make this pattern since I first set eyes on it. I sort of planned on using it recently for a Victorian Helen Narbon outfit (if you don't read the webcomic Narbonic, don't worry about it), but plans changed and instead I used this pattern in a rather inappropriate way to come up with a costume that looked like it was from Master Payne's Circus.

I removed the pleats from the back, changed the neckline and entirely re-drafted the front piece so that it would be double breasted. I had to take about an inch out of the shoulders and the back is a little loose, but other than that it turned out quite well. I think when I actually make a period correct version of this bodice I'm going to do a bit more fitting in the muslin stage.

I'll do a more thorough review of this pattern once I'm using in the approved manner rather than altering it until it's almost unrecognizable. ;)