Pale Ice

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In October and November of 2007 the Freedmans ran a large social LARP called Pale Ice. Pale Ice was the companion game to the much smaller Black Ice LARP. We got to play in the second run of Pale Ice.

The house the game was run at was completely perfect for the event and the other players went all out with their costuming. I enjoyed the heck out of this game despite being shot, druged, and robbed twice in character!

I took most of these pictures before and after the game. The only exceptions are the first two pictures, which we had to send in ahead of time so they could be included in other people's character sheets. (I love it when GMs do this.)

Our run was delayed a bit because several players dropped at the last moment and the GMs had to scramble to find replacements. This would normally have been annoying, but it gave me time to run around taking pictures of many of the players and the decore before the game, so it wasn't all bad. :)