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The first regular game that I got to play in when I moved away for college was a Deadlands game run by James Nettum. The game ran every other Friday night and was set in the post-apocalyptic Wasted West. I only started taking down quotes for the game near the very end.

The Quotes:


"When he said 'sun streaking in' I got horrible images."
~ Brian

"Wait... If we attach her to our bomb..."
~ Brian, referring to one of the other player characters

"Did I just hear you call yourself a sword wielding kumquat?"
~ Athena
~ Eva

"I think 'churches' are wonderful places for bombs."
~ Brian
"I think daemons are wonderful places for bombs."
~ Jason

"It's story time with Winston!"
~ Jason and Brian, referring to a very grumpy, old character

"I'm not going to bother going word for word, because I don't have a word for word summary of this."
~ James talking about a rather long diary we found

"Jason, no offense, but out of character I think your character is overdue for dying."
~ Eva