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Back in 2005 I played in a six month long D&D campaign that my friend Katie ran. The campaign was called Prophecies and Choices and it followed four PC's who were destined to make a big difference in a world they didn't even know.

The official web page for Prophecies and Choices has information about all of the PC's and NPC's in the game along with a nifty set of maps. You also might enjoy Alan's in character game journal.

The Quotes:

Session 6-16-05

"The gals can go shmooze up the king."
~ Abby [in a normal voice]
"So, what'd you do with the queen's bloody head?"
~ Abby [in a sexy voice]
"Abby, that was creepy."
~ Katie

Session on 6-9-05

"I put my pants back on."
~ Alan
"I like knowing when people are naked. Can we make that a rule?"
~ Abby

Session on 04-03-05

"Is your wolf a vegetarian?"
~ Ben to Abby

Session on 03-20-05

"Is there a water clock? 'Cause I want to know what time it is."
~ Ben