The Delineator (July 1883)

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I purchased this Victorian era fashion magazine from a seller on Abebooks. I was very impressed with the condition it's in. Despite some foxing, the pages and cover are pretty sturdy and unmarred by bends or rodent nibbling. Unfortunately the staples that bind it were set a little too close to the text, so there isn't much margin on some of the central pages.

Because this magazine is from the middle of 1883, it falls right between the end of the natural form period and the beginning of the late bustle era. I thought it was rather amusing that there are both natural form and mildly bustled outfits sprinkled throughout it. I guess the switch over was more gradual than most people present it as.

I had a bit of a fight with the color correction in my scanner software while I was scanning this magazine. I wasn't planning to correct the pages to pure white, since I don't think this looks as nice, but my settings got smashed part way though the scanning. As a result some pages are much whiter than others. In general the covers were a reddish brown and the interior pages were a soft tan/cream color.

I spent about 7 hours scanning, resizing, and building the web page. I've managed to automate some of the image resizing using ImageMagick, which cut down on the effort required somewhat.

The thumbnails below link to the 150 dpi copies of the magazine pages. If you just want to read the magazine (rather than print it out) these copies should work just fine. I have 300 dpi versions of these images, which may be available at some point in the future when I find hosting that can handle the size of them again.

Download the individual pages: