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I am only including resources here which are out of copyright (ie. old enough that the copyrights have expired). If you wish to keep these images on your own computer or print them out in any form, please feel free. I would ask that you do not take these images to put up on your own website without my permission. It takes me about 2 minutes per page to scan this stuff (that's not even counting the time I spend doing photo editing or building the web pages), so these resources represent a huge amount of work for me.

I would like to retain the credit for scanning these and would prefer if people came here to download them. If you wish to use specific images for a website or digital art project, please ask me. I will be happy to give permission for pretty much any non-commercial use.

I have both 150 and 300 dpi versions of most of these scans. For the moment these pages provide only the 150 dpi versions because the webpage host I'm using can't handle the combined size of the larger files. I am hoping to make the 300 dpi versions available again at some point in the future.