The Delineator (May 1891)

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I purchased this Magazine through a seller on Abebooks. As you can see from the scans, it's not in the best shape. The cover was detached and lost to posterity and many of the pages are brittle and have slightly mangled edges. The thing that struck me about this issue was, despite these defects, it is the most lushly illustrated fashion magazine from the 1890's I've ever seen. I think out of the approximately 100 pages there are only 5 or 6 that don't have pictures on them.

There are not only many fashion plates in the issue, but also a wide variety of clothes depicted in them. I'm not even a big fan of this particular permutation of giant-topped pouffy sleeves, but I still fell in love with the be-dearstalkered "Ladies' Tourist Toilette" on page 353 (among others). I was also a bit surprised to notice that there's at least one wedding outfit and a neat veil (separate illustration) in there. There's also a great article on "Hat's and Bonnets" and an amazing article with beautiful sketches of Nikko, Japan.

The other notable thing about this issue of the Delineator that observant readers should notice is that this is in fact not the standard American issue of the magazine. So far this is the only Canadian fashion magazine I've got from the Victorian period. Although it was still a product of the Butterick Publishing Co., it was more specifically produced by their branch in Toronto. I have no idea if this had an impact on the fashion plates or articles used in the magazine. I did notice that at least some of the ads are local.

I have a new scanner, and it's color correction works a bit different than my old one. This particular issue is about as yellowed as the scans would suggest. I had some problems with the thin page margins near the center of the issue. There were pages where there was no way for me to open up the spine up enough to get quite all of the text. That was very frustrating, since I didn't want to actually damage the spine any further. It took me a bit longer than normal to scan the magazine, since it's so delicate.

The thumbnails below link to the 100 dpi copies of the magazine pages. If you just want to read the magazine (rather than print it out) these copies should work just fine. I have 300 dpi versions of these images, which may be available at some point in the future when I find hosting that can handle the size of them again.

Download the individual pages (100 dpi):