Paris Modes (Sept. 1909)

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I purchased this Magazine on eBay. It has a few strange spots on the cover, but most of the inside pages are in good shape. This magazine is one of the "newer" ones in my collection. It's firmly in the Edwardian era and is verging on Titanic era fashions.

This issue includes not only a large number illustrations, but also quite a few photographs. I guess photographs must have gotten easier and cheaper to print. For whatever reason, they put in some lovely photos of styles from Paris as well as numerous photos accompanying their articles. I was especially amused by the one on "Milk and Philanthropy: Saving New York Babies in Summer-time". This is not the first article about milk I've found in a period magazine, as the Pure Food and Drug Act of 1906 changed the state of food safety in the US enormously.

There are number of other amusing articles in this issue including how to make cosmetics, how to take care of china and glass, Coney Island (and people you will see there), and what you should take on a trip to Europe to name a few. I find reading these articles very amusing, since they often show interesting similarities and differences to modern day opinions and journalism.

This was scanned on my new scanner, which doesn't handle color correction the same way as my old one. Most of the pages are about the same color that you'll see in the scans. I had a few problems scanning the inner margins near the center of the book, but I think the affected pages are still mostly legible. I always find this frustrating, since I don't want to damage the magazines I scan. It feels sacrilegious to harm a piece of history just so I'll have web content that I'm not allergic to. I spent about eight hours total scanning, prepping, and coding to get it online.

The thumbnails below link to the 100 dpi copies of the magazine pages. If you just want to read the magazine (rather than print it out) these copies should work just fine. I have 300 dpi versions of these images, which may be available at some point in the future when I find hosting that can handle the size of them again.

Download the individual pages (100 dpi):