McCall's Magazine: The Queen of Fashion (June 1905)

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I purchased this Magazine on eBay. It shows a little bit of foxing on the cover and around the edges, but most of the inside pages are well preserved. A few of the inside pages show some ink transfer from the opposite page and I think someone stored the magazine folded in half at some point (fortunatly the fold doesn't show on the scans). On the up side, the binding is very strong and even after forcing every page flat for scanning it's in quite good condition.

The fashion plates in this book are absolutely stunning. There is one color plate as well as two full page black and white plates and numerous smaller pictures with descriptions. This is part of why I love "The Queen of Fashion", McCall's has the incentive to show you as many lovely costumes as they can. ;)

I also enjoyed the articles in this magazine. Since it's a June edition, there are many nice ones on different aspects of weddings. So if you're planning a Victorian Wedding you might want to take a look. To be honest I found the one on how to take care of your cat the most interesting. There are also articles about rings worn by the previous generation, how to take care of your feet, how to tell your fortune with a deck of playing cards... the list goes on and on. Almost all of the main articles have accompanying drawings or photos.

I didn't actively color correct this magazine, but my scanner did some slight tone correction automatically and I was too lazy to stop it. In general the pages are a bit more yellowed and faded than the scans. I spent over 8 hours scanning, resizing, and building this web page.

The thumbnails below link to the 100 dpi copies of the magazine pages. If you just want to read the magazine (rather than print it out) these copies should work just fine. I have 300 dpi versions of these images, which may be available at some point in the future when I find hosting that can handle the size of them again.

Download the individual pages (100 dpi):