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If you don't read Girl Genius. Go do so right now! Okay, that's out of the way, now about this game... Wait! If you aren't up to date on the comic, there is a spoiler in the next paragraph, so watch out.

At Intercon G in March of 2007 I played in a LARP called Agatha Heterodyne and the Perfect Construct. This was probably the most amazingly costumed game I have ever played in. It was just so stunning how into their characters most people were. I've tried to label all the photos with the characters names, but there are a few I've forgotten already. In the actual game they gave each of us a nifty button with our character's picture on it. It was a great way to identify people.

The Jagers in the game were just spectacular. Not only were they all well costumed and hatted, they kept up the Jager-speak for the whole game. I nearly broke out laughing at several very inappropriate times listening to them.

This game was definitely not cannon and more than a bit outside of the official GG continuity. Like any good Heterodyne story, it was only loosely based on what might have happened. I also should warn folks that if they intend to play the LARP in the future, or aren't up to date on the GG comics, there may be some spoilers in my picture descriptions.

Update: Another person got pictures from the game! Yay!

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